Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Times 

Once your item(s) have been shipped it can take a estimated 8 to 18 business days to receive item. Items that are dispatched internationally have a regular arrival time of around 2 & half weeks to the USA.For the rest of the world items that are despatched internationally it can take a estimated 3 weeks to arrive.

Keep in mind transit delays rarely happen, but if incase that happens packages can arrive a week to two weeks later than expected. We’re not responsible for transit delays. 

Items that are dispatched from the USA have a estimated arrival times of 4 to 8 business days to USA addresses and a estimated arrival time of 2 to 3 weeks to the rest of the world. Please keep in mind that these times are just estimated, and may be less or more depending on the item,and your location. Also, items may arrive in separate packages for shipment economic reasons.

Fulfillment Process

All orders go through a 2 to 5 day fulfillment process to verity payment, verity address, inspect quality, and package. Once your order has gone through the fulfillment process it’ll be shipped out to your destination.