The Panda Tuxedo Shaving Brush is an excellent brush to get you started into wet shaving! Made of synthetic hair, the preferred bristle for creating a rich lather, this brush is an amazing value! Material: synthetic hair bristles + White and Black Resin Handle Brush knot diameter: 24MM (+/-1mm) Loft size: 53mm (+/-1mm) Handle height: 70mm (+/-1mm) Widest diameter of the handle: 39mm (+/-1mm). This panda stylish shaving brush is a necessary helper for daily personal shaving. The brush hair is quick-drying, and not easy to fall out. Give yourself a superb shaving experience.

Care For Your Brush

  • 1. Shampoo the brush in warm water before the first use. Use the same shampoo that you use to wash you hair.
  • 2. NEVER boil your brush.
  • 3. Never press the brush into your skin. This will break the badger hair. Instead, stroke it sideways, like a painter’s brush.
  • 4. Wash the brush well with warm (not hot) water after each use.
  • 5. Flick the brush to remove as much water as possible after each use. You can also gently stroke it on a dry towel.
  • 6. Never store the brush on its base (yes, we know they are flat). Instead, use a brush stand so the remaining water can move away from the base of the hairs.
  • 7. To avoid mildew, do not store the brush in the medicine chest between uses. Instead, place the stand on vanity top to allow proper air circulation. 8. If you use a brush in a travel kit, be sure to take it out to dry thoroughly upon your return.

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