Decorate your barbershop with a hip hop rap icons mat. It can be placed by the door, near the waiting area. and many other places.

  • Made of Premium 100% Polyester Fiber Crystal Velvet Fabric
  • Soft Fabric 
  • Vibrant Colors


  • 24″x16″ (60*40cm)
  • 32″x20″(80*50cm)
  • 36″x24″(90*60cm)
  • 47″x32″(120*80cm)
  • 39″x47″(100*120cm)
  • 39″x59″ (100*150cm)
  • 63″x47″ (160*120cm)
  • 79″x47″ (200*150cm)
  • 91″x63″ (230*160cm)

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1pc *  Mat

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16in x 24in, 20in X 32in, 24in x 35in, 32in x 47in, 39in x 47in, 39in x 59in, 47in x 63in, 59in x 79in, 63in x 91in


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