Gold & Ceramic Blade




Exclusive gold blade plus ceramic cutting blade for the Wahl cordless clippers. These work outstanding for tapering, fading, and blending any hairstyles.

The ceramic cutting blade moves faster than a metal cutting blade therefore faster cutting feed. The ceramic also stays, and runs cooler for longer period of time.

The gold guide blade is sharp and smooth. Made of premium metal that is not easy to rust and will stay durable for a long time.

These can also be zero gapped and can blend 00000 line out as these can be zero gapped to about a 0000.

  • Color: gold, white
  • Size: approx. 45*40mm, 40*20mm

Package Included↓
1 x Ceramic Cutter
1 x Gold Blade

Note: Ceramic cutting blade fits only Wahl cordless magic clip, Wahl cordless designer, Wahl cordless sterling 4, and Wahl cordless senior.  Wahl cordless 100 year and similar cordless Wahl clippers. The cutting blade won’t fit the wahl corded clippers but the guide blade will.


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